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Zhongkang International Health Management Cloud Platform

Zhongkang provides a "health + occupation" physical examination intelligent solution, which realizes modern process control, precise financial management, and strict quality control system to help you build an intelligent health management center.

01System introduction

System is introduced

After the accumulation of experience in the information construction of 12 chain medical examination institutions, it is independently developed based on years of experience in operation management and medical management and control. To meet the needs of the institution's "health + occupation" physical examination business, use cloud technology to build a management platform and data center in the cloud to quickly realize the full-dimensional intelligent management of the chain physical examination center.

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02 Cloud platform advantages

Advantages of cloud platform

Modern process control, precise financial management, and strict quality control system.

03 Architecture advantages

Architecture advantages

Interface layer (UI) + business logic layer (BLL) + data access layer (DAL)

04 System Navigation

The navigation system

The whole process of physical examination is controlled by software, all physical examination items are automatically transmitted online to realize automatic data return and merging, simplifying the workload of each department, intelligent preparation of group examinations; batch processing of sub-divisions and general examinations, greatly improving The efficiency and quality of the medical examination center.

05 Main business process

Major business processes

Before inspection: Customer relationship management, sales management, preparation management, member management, physical examination appointment
Inspection: Front desk management, self-registration, department inspection, additional item management, check-in after inspection, crisis value management, satisfaction evaluation
After inspection: General inspection management, report management, post-inspection follow-up, return visit management, enterprise portal, report query, financial management

06 Self-registration

Independent registered

APP independently selects package items -> complete payment online -> customer appointment -> self-service machine to read ID card -> print guide form and barcode -> intelligent inspection guide system automatically activates the queue, and the system prompts the first examination department for physical examination.

07 Division inspection

Sorting department

Batch sub-division inspection: one scan of the barcode can complete the entry of multi-division project inspection.

08 Report query

The report query

09 Health Assessment and Intervention

Health assessment and intervention

10 Big Data Center

Big data center