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Remote consultation

When you face the threat of disease, you don’t have to travel far, ask for help, and you don’t have to blindly spend high expenses. At the Zhongkang International Medical Examination Center, you can directly get a personal diagnosis by an authoritative expert through remote expert consultation, and you can clarify your condition in time. Recovery.

  • What is the remote expert consultation service?
    Remote expert consultation is a service method in which medical experts in Beijing perform medical imaging diagnosis and condition analysis using computer, image processing and other technologies, and provide patients with diagnostic opinions and treatment suggestions. Your doctor in charge will implement treatment based on expert opinions. . Realize "the medical examination is in the local area-the authoritative diagnosis is in Beijing-the treatment and rehabilitation is still in the local area", and give yourself and your family a "reassurance pill" in the shortest time and the least cost.
  • What about remote consultation experts?
    At the China Health International Medical Examination Center, you can enjoy the service of "Authoritative Diagnosis in Beijing" in time. Consultation experts include Peking Union Medical College Hospital, which is ranked No. 1 in China, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, an authoritative neurological disease treatment authority, and Tumor Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, an authoritative cancer treatment. , Orthopedics burn disease treatment authority Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing Fuwai Hospital, Peking University Hospital and many other famous domestic medical experts. Experts cover various subject areas.
  • Main services of remote consultation?
    1. Remote imaging expert consultation:
    For imaging examinations such as CT and filming in our center, you can apply for remote imaging expert consultation. After successfully submitting the application for imaging consultation, you can get a diagnosis opinion issued by a Beijing imaging expert.
    2. Remote clinical expert consultation:
    Customers who have a physical examination at the Zhongkang International Physical Examination Center, who want to get the diagnosis and treatment plan opinions of authoritative experts in Beijing for the disease detected, can apply for remote clinical expert consultation, and they can apply for a remote clinical expert consultation within 1-3 working days after successfully submitting the consultation application. Receive "face-to-face" consultation with Beijing experts.