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Physical examination software>Our advantage
Our advantage

01Company Profile

Company profile

Qingdao Zhongkang International Medical and Health Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, invested and established by 14 well-known companies including Qingdao Ruiyuan Engineering Group and Shanghai Guosheng. It is located in the country's ninth new economic zone-Qingdao West Coast New Economic Zone.

· Obtained high-tech enterprise certification in October 2018
· In March 2015, the company was officially listed on the New OTC Market,
becoming the first share of the health management industry to enter the domestic capital market

Create a smart health care ecosystem that integrates prevention, treatment, and support for the entire civilian population.

02Industry layout · Health management section

Industry layout

More than 10 professional health management institutions provide health management services such as health consultation, physical examination, health assessment, and health intervention.

03Industry layout · Senior care sector

Industry layout

Opening the custody service of the whole industry chain of medical care integration

Zhongkang Nursing Home
To provide the elderly with a full range of services such as medical care, psychological consultation, Chinese medicine conditioning, rehabilitation promotion, and hospice care, it also undertakes the functions of community medical care, home care medical services, and health check-ups.
Social Welfare Center
The total investment of the project is 370 million yuan and the construction area is 39,972 square meters.
The design of the center adopts modern popular concepts, simple but not simple, low-key and luxurious, integrated into high-end residential and private hospital concepts, comprehensively improve the quality of life, and create a warm, lively, dignified and fulfilling second home for the silver age friends.

04Industry layout · Medical sector

Industry layout

Qingdao Ruiyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
It will establish strategic cooperation with public hospitals, introduce well-known Chinese medicine universities in China, and use this project as a clinical teaching base and affiliated hospitals to build a profitable-specialty diagnosis and treatment platform (minimally invasive treatment center, various specialty hospitals, etc.) and doctor work Room;
Cooperate with the second and third phases of the elderly care community to enter the traditional Chinese medicine health care base, the Chinese medicinal material planting base, and the Chinese medicine preparation research and development center.

05Industry layout · IT sector

Industry layout

06Product Service

product service

Have the ability to combine information technology and modern management technology, project planning consultation and engineering implementation, software componentization and customized design, and have the ability to build The best cost-effective network technology and software technology to build an intelligent physical examination system, etc., focus on building a business chain of "product-engineering-service".

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07 Cooperation. Exchange

Cooperation. Communication

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