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Zhongkang International Smart Physical Examination (APP+self-registration)


Medical wisdom

Zhongkang Smart Physical Examination, a new upgrade and new experience

1. Self-inspection: evaluate health risks through questionnaires; 2. Customization of physical examination items: physical examination packages, self-customization; 3. Pre-examination appointment: APP appointment for physical examination anytime and anywhere; 4. Report file management: previous reports and file query; 5 .Information push: real-time push of medical knowledge and information; 6. Member management: membership points, physical examination cards, coupons, etc.; 7. Health assessment: professional online health assessment; 8. Doctor consultation: online expert consultation

A mobile phone to achieve personalized medical examination needs

View the report anytime, anywhere: check the medical report with one key, view it anytime, anywhere, and use it whenever you want, convenient and fast; archives are saved for life: the medical report of the past years is electronically stored in the cloud, all historical data are compared, and your health trend is clear at a glance; Self-customization of examination personality: truly realize the transformation of group examination users into individual examination users, and completely independently choose the personalized package of project portfolio; comprehensive health management: through self-inspection, health assessment, and doctor consultation, we will create and formulate health plans for you.

Accurate and personalized team physical examination-"group examination becomes an examination"

Step 1 Develop a basic team package → Step 2 Individuals choose personalized items → Precise physical examination

02 Self-registration

Self-help registration

1. Self-service registration: Realize "unmanned" registration through self-service terminals, reducing labor costs; 2. Self-payment: After the doctor adds items during the physical examination, users can pay through the self-service terminal independently.

03Smart physical examination

Medical wisdom

Professional:Professional doctor team will create health management for you; Safety: Backed by authoritative medical institutions and supported by cloud technology , To ensure your privacy and security; autonomy: diversified package items are customized independently, and a variety of health plans are available for you to choose

04 Intellectual Property

intellectual property