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Introduction to Qingdao Sino-Japanese International Life and Health Industrial Park

The "China-Japan International Life and Health Industrial Park" will take Qingdao Zhongkang International Cell Technology Innovation Center as the carrier, centering on basic projects such as Qingdao University Medical Group West Coast Medical Center, Ruiyuan International Rehabilitation Hospital, and Guofeng Pharmaceutical Industrial Park. The West Coast Smart Medical Research Building project under construction by Qingdao West Coast Medical and Health Development Group is jointly planned and constructed. In terms of function, realize the functional layout of the cell life industry and the construction of upstream and downstream industrial chains, gradually form an industry support platform for cell storage, manufacturing, research and development, commission and transformation, and promote high-end medicine, especially cell biomedical translational medicine, and other cluster areas , To build a cell biotechnology and resource trading center in the future, to realize the close linkage of cell technology/biomedicine research and development, preparation, application development, clinical transformation, market transactions, and other elements of the cell biology industry, as well as the business entities of sub-industry. Create a cellular life, health and medical service complex integrating cell biological resource library, high-end cell biological information health and medical big data management and application, high-end medical testing, high-end biological treatment anti-aging center, and chronic disease management and prevention that radiate North China , To create a medical complex that meets the development of cutting-edge cell biotechnology, high-level health, preventive health care and anti-aging.

research direction

  • (1) Stem cell storage research

    The storage of stem cells is at the upstream of the industry and is the basis for the development of many other applications of stem cells. With the rapid advancement of technology, some stem cell storage technologies have become mature, and the storage of stem cells such as hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and adipose stem cells has been formed. Using a very safe and reproducible method and developing your own cell storage program is the basis for cell therapy. Main research content: research and development of standardized treatment specifications for stem cell storage, research and development of feasibility plans for immune cell culture and storage, research and development of the application value of stem cell storage by-products, etc.
  • (2) Stem cell therapy research

    With the increasing maturity of international and domestic cell therapy technologies, through clinical experiments and transformation of existing technologies, combined with existing medical programs, effective treatment of patients can be achieved within a certain period of time. The main research content: research and development of stem cell therapy equipment And standardize treatment norms, research and develop feasibility programs for stem cell culture and treatment, and research feasibility programs for immune cell therapy (such as Car-T, Car-NK, etc.) to promote the development of new generation cell therapy drugs.
  • (3) Stem cell genome sequencing and big data research

  • The use of human pluripotent stem cells, cultured in vitro and transplanted into the human body is the hope for treating a series of intractable diseases (such as diabetes and Parkinson's disease). After the stem cells in the body acquire a certain growth-promoting mutation, the autologous stem cells are competed out, and this abnormal cell gradually becomes the main source of functional cells. The main research contents include: whole-genome sequencing of stem cells, the establishment of a stem cell genome database, and the development of precise customized medical solutions based on the database.
  • (4) Research on the intellectual property rights of stem cell information big data

    Innovation has become the first driving force for development. Through long-term real-time and accurate tracking of scientific research and intellectual property results related to stem cell therapy, we can fully grasp the latest development of the industry and clearly grasp the context of industry development. The main research contents include: tracking analysis and research of the patent literature of stem cell therapy scientific research, regularly issuing industry analysis reports, global stem cell therapy research and full utilization, and the construction, maintenance and optimization of a stem cell information database with proprietary intellectual property rights.
  • (5) Stem cell health care research

    With the gradual formation of an aging society in China, there has been a huge market demand for health care, such as improving immunity. At the same time, the continuous development of China's economy makes the promotion and application of stem cells, a high-end medical and healthcare technology, feasible. Main research directions: Carrying out high-end medical beauty services related to stem cells, establishing customized solutions for stem cell anti-aging, developing immune cells to fight tumors, enhancing immunity and other related programs.

Construction Planning

    The "China-Japan International Life and Health Industrial Park" is planned to be constructed on Qichangcheng Road (the northeast side of the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai Medical College) in the West Coast New District of Qingdao. At present, the main project has been completed. The planning assumption for the first phase of the project is as follows.

  • Qingdao Zhongkang International Cell Technology Innovation Center
    The cell science and technology innovation center project in the first phase of the Life and Health Industrial Park covers an area of more than 20 acres, with an aboveground construction area of 20,898 square meters, an underground construction area of 8021 square meters, and a construction area of about 2,200 square meters per floor from the first to fourth floors. The supporting talent apartment construction area is about 13,000 square meters. The total investment is 300 million yuan, which has been completed and can be put into use. The project is expected to start operations in the first phase of the industrial park in the third quarter of 2020.
  • Three major sections of the first phase of the Science and Technology Innovation Center
    1. Qingdao China-Japan International Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Center
    2. Regional (Qingdao) Cell Biological Storage Center
    3. Regional (Qingdao) Cell Preparation Center
  • Later planning project of Science and Technology Innovation Center
    Ruiyuan International Rehabilitation Hospital, International Cell Academic Exchange Center, Third Party Testing Center, Cell Entrepreneurship Incubation Center, Anti-aging Research Center, Molecular Diagnostic Center, Chronic Disease Management and Prevention Center, Joint Shared Laboratory, Cell Big Data Center, Genetic Testing Central Academician Workstation, Nobel Prize Workstation, Cell Application Research Institute, and Leading Talent Incubator.

Key projects

  • Qingdao China-Japan International Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Center
    Build the International Research Institute of Cell Biological Therapy, introduce Japan’s leading international cell therapy technology, and jointly carry out cell biological therapy clinical translational research with Qingda Medical Group and other large general hospitals with cell clinical research qualifications, and focus on health, anti-aging and tumor cell therapy , Carry out international cooperation in the fields of specific diseases and regenerative medicine, and adopt various methods such as project incubation to carry out cell biotherapeutic transformation research and cell biomedicine development.
  • Million-level regional cell bank-regional (Qingdao) cell biological storage center
    Main products and businesses: storage of mesenchymal stem cells from perinatal tissues, storage of stem cells from other sources (including but not limited to dental pulp stem cells, adult adipose stem cells, etc.), immune cell storage, children’s intestinal bacteria storage, etc., as well as providing cells for medical institutions Biological storage third-party market services.
  • Regional (Qingdao) Cell Preparation Center
    In the future, it can provide cell preparation clinical-level and industrialized services for the Cell Biotherapy Research Institute, Cell Biological Anti-aging Center, High-end Testing and Physical Examination Center, Maternal and Child Health Center, and High-end Postpartum Rehabilitation Center. The main products are general cell preparations (for health management purposes), raw cell preparation and technology, technology research and development (storage cell preparation), and other (DC cells, CAR-T cells, CAR-NK immune cells, ips cells, PD-1 cell preparations) GCP preparation, clinical transformation cell preparation preparation, etc.)