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The social welfare center of the development zone adopts the service concept of "continuous care, elegant quality, healthy and happy life", which not only provides multifunctional services such as integrated medical care and continuous care for the disabled, demented elderly and part of the elderly in society, but also provides preferential treatment guarantee , Support for orphans, orphans, rescue management, day care and other public welfare services.

Institutional pension

The Social Welfare Center Project of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone is one of Qingdao's municipal affairs, and it is also a key livelihood project of our district. The project is located to the west of Kunlun Mountain Road, to the south of Balizhuang Community, on the bank of the beautiful Sanxiwan Lake in the West Coast New Area, surrounded by mountains and water, with beautiful scenery and beautiful environment. It covers a total area of 28 acres, with a construction area of 39,972 square meters, and plans to construct 1,000 beds. It is designed and constructed in accordance with Qingdao's five-star pension institution construction standards.


Service Guarantee

Domestic services
  • Clean the room and make the bed daily
  • Shopping with escort
  • Change bedding regularly
  • Convenience services such as supermarkets, banks, hairdressers, etc.
  • 24 hours of drinking water and domestic hot water supply
  • Provide agency services such as purchasing and home delivery
  • 24-hour duty, security monitoring service
  • Provide postal services such as newspaper subscription and mailing of letters
  • Cable TV, indoor broadband Internet access
  • Shuttle shuttle service
Leisure and entertainment
  • There are calligraphy and calligraphy rooms, instrumental music rooms, dance halls, reading rooms, audio-visual rooms, tea art rooms, hand-made rooms, chess and card rooms, indoor gymnasiums, billiards halls, Buddhist halls and many other leisure and cultural venues
  • There are outdoor fitness and health places such as fitness square, gate court, sun room, roof garden, garden courtyard, independent fruit and vegetable plantation, exclusive reservoir fishing area, etc.
  • Regularly organize various cultural and entertainment activities such as sunset red works exhibitions and cultural performances
  • Video interactive service at any time to facilitate communication between the elderly and relatives and friends
Living environment
  • We rely on the shores of Sanxiwan Lake and the high-quality demonstration ecological park, with green trees and fresh air
  • Dedicated to provide you with a user-friendly house design
  • Quiet and clean room environment; environmentally friendly decoration style suitable for the elderly
  • Convenient and safe barrier-free facilities make your stay comfortable
Nutritious diet
  • We have a supply of green organic ingredients here
  • Nutritionists are dedicated to preparing health-preserving medicated meals and nutritious meals; soft food and liquid food processing services
  • Personalized recipes and ordering of nutritional meals for geriatric diseases; reservation and table reservation services; special birthday banquets and holiday recipes supply
  • Intimate and timely meal delivery service; spacious and comfortable dining environment, so you can eat at ease
medical insurance
  • Health file creation
  • Regular health checkup
  • TCM health care and conditioning
  • Professional rehabilitation therapy
  • Professional nursing care
  • Health knowledge presentation
  • Medical and healthcare visits
  • Mental health management

The Social Welfare Center of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone will build a model elderly care institution integrating medical care, intelligent management, standardized services, personnel training and other service functions. It will implement the world's leading elderly care service concepts in the details of daily life. Unite social resources, use multiple models to serve the elderly together, unite the life care team and the hospital medical team to form an overall care system, and provide each resident with a full range of personality, including food, housing, medical care, care, and play. The integrated family care and one-stop high-quality services enable the elderly to truly nurture their bodies, minds, and longevity, creating an excellent model for the elderly care service industry.


Medical care

Smart Promotion Zone
  • The smart zone is a special care zone created by Zhongkang Yiyang Nursing Home to provide professional and differentiated medical care services for patients with dementia. Equipped with intelligent rehabilitation room, nostalgic treatment room, day care room, palliative ward, etc. The intelligent promotion zone adopts a variety of methods such as music therapy, exercise therapy, occupational therapy, and nostalgia therapy, with cognitive behavioral therapy as the main body, and daily care as the focus. It is possible to preserve or improve cognitive function, reduce behavioral confusion, and delay disease development. Improve the quality of life of patients, so that patients receive adequate care and the most professional care.
  • The intelligent rehabilitation room aims at the mild, moderate and severe clinical symptoms of patients with Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer-type senile dementia and other secondary cognitive impairments, and uses rehabilitation activities to give memory, attention, orientation, and calculation Rehabilitation treatment of strength, planning and organization ability, problem-solving ability, brain flexibility and abstract thinking, ability of daily living, etc., the rehabilitation technician makes a rehabilitation activity plan according to the patient’s situation. The purpose of intelligent rehabilitation is to delay the progression of the disease, and rehabilitation is a long process. In the process of rehabilitation, we and our families need to work together to find the best rehabilitation state for the elderly and obtain the best results.
Help the old canteen
  • The community "canteen to help the elderly" is an important part of the welfare center community for home care. According to the model of "government guidance, community acceptance, social participation, and third-party evaluation", it highlights the public welfare and provides solutions for elderly residents over 60 in the community "Difficult to eat" problem. The Welfare Center has set up "Helping Old Canteens" in the Changjiang Middle Road Community, Xiangjiang Road Community, and Changjiang West Road Community. The elderly can enjoy a lunch of two vegetarians, one meat and one Tongan staple food for only 10 yuan.
  • In the process of preliminary research, we found that there are two main problems with the elderly eating. First, it is inconvenient to buy vegetables and cook at an old age. The phenomenon of leftover meals for elderly people who are single or living together is more serious. On the other hand, The elderly have more hypertension and diabetes. The welfare center focuses on the needs and physical conditions of the elderly, combined with the characteristics of the elderly’s diet, and pays attention to the light and soft taste of the dishes to achieve comprehensive nutrition. Not only can it help the elderly who have not settled for lunch or are in difficulties to solve a heart disease, but also can make the elderly feel a kind of warmth from the community. At the same time, it is also the embodiment of our welfare center's spirit of giving back to the society and being grateful for the elderly, which has improved our popularity to a certain extent, and further promoted our spirit of quality elderly care.