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"Love Neighbors" is a service brand created by Zhongkang International for the community home smart medical care center. Zhongkang Ai Neighbourhood was established to serve the community and home medical care. It is based on the physical industry of Zhongkang International, with the integration of medical care as the core operation, and strives to create a trinity of smart health care for health management, medical cloud services and smart elderly care services. Service Platform.

Community medical care

Using the Internet, mobile Internet, smart interconnected devices, and Internet of Things technology as the means, with the community as the fulcrum, and the integration of medical and nursing care as the core of operation, we will strive to create a trinity of smart health medical and nursing service platform of health management, medical cloud services and smart elderly care services. And by connecting with third-party life service providers, we will jointly build a closed-loop ecology of health management and medical services, elderly care services, and life services, and provide core values for healthy living at home.

About community medical care

The Zhongkang Ai Neighbourhood Health Medical Care Platform consists of four parts: SAAS cloud platform, intelligent IoT equipment, community home smart health medical care service experience center, and call center. The SAAS cloud platform is divided into three core functional systems: health management platform, medical cloud service platform and smart elderly service platform, including health monitoring, health electronic records, health assessment, health intervention and promotion, telemedicine services, call centers, etc. Integration of multiple subsystems and smart devices. Based on technical capabilities and resource integration and coverage capabilities, Zhongkang Ai Neighborhood can provide families and individuals with one-stop health care and home life services, and provide information solutions to medical services, health services, and elderly care services.
Zhongkang Ai Neighbourhood takes the community as its strategic fulcrum, and strives to shape a new concept of "healthy community". Take health management as the entrance, medical cloud service as the support, and informatization as the means to build a healthy and elderly care system; take the physical industries such as the Zhongkang International Physical Examination Center and the Zhongkang Nursing Home as the radiation source; take the residential community as the service terminal to integrate Community-related resources, construct a network service structure; take professional services as the main form, fully integrate community resources to provide health management, life care, medical care, cultural entertainment, spiritual comfort and other services for the elderly at home, and continue to innovate and build new types Socialized medical care service model.
The Zhongkang Ai Neighbourhood Smart Healthcare Platform uses advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, smart calling, mobile Internet, and GPS positioning to create a “system + service + elderly + terminal” smart healthcare service. By building a system platform, the elderly use smart devices (such as elderly phones, watches, wireless transmission health testing equipment) to achieve information interaction with related medical service resources such as children, service centers, and medical staff. The elderly do not need to live in nursing homes to passively receive services, they can choose and enjoy professional medical and elderly life services at home, involving life assistance, rehabilitation care, emergency assistance, day care, humanistic care, spiritual comfort and other "medical care" combination service items. Committed to providing residents with medical and nursing services of "not leaving home, delivering to the door, 24 hours a day".