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As a long-term follow-up of the latest research results of the world's health sciences, the China Health International Medical Examination Center, with its strong strength, has successfully transplanted the "health management" model and adapted to the national conditions, thus becoming a vigorous development in the field of health management in China. The new army has strongly promoted the dissemination and practice of the brand-new personal health concept of "health lies in management" in China.

Our center will uphold the company spirit of "extensive love, honesty and integrity", provide warm and thoughtful services to friends from all walks of life, and escort your health.
The company's business scope includes: technical promotion services; economic information consulting; corporate planning; corporate management; sales of medical equipment, electronic products, computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment; exhibition and exhibition activities; conference services; computer system services; goods import and export; technology Import and export etc.


Internet medical

Zhongkang International has established Huayi Yunlian (Beijing) International Health Technology Development Co., Ltd. The company aims to establish an expert resource database by gathering top medical experts and authoritative treatment teams in the country and Peking University International Hospital, using mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Cloud computing and other smart medical methods, build a third-party health technology service platform, and open telemedicine and referrals for grassroots public hospitals, community medical service centers, elderly care institutions, private hospitals, large enterprises and institutions, and mid- to high-end customer groups across the country Services, expert appointment consultation, hospital appointment registration, health management and green through train services, etc., realize the rational allocation of medical resources.