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development history

development history

  • Through the health management (physical examination) service field ISO9001:
    2008 quality management system certification.
  • 2012year
    It has obtained the "occupational health examination qualification" granted by Shandong Provincial Department of health.
  • 2014year
    We have completed the share-holding reform and won the title of high-tech enterprise.
  • 2015year
    In November, Ruiyuan group Zhongkang international signed with the government two key medical projects: Qingdao proton tumor hospital project and Chinese medicine hospital.
  • 2016year
    In May, Chengyang physical examination center opened ceremoniously; Wu Jieping Medical Foundation multidisciplinary telemedicine service center was officially opened.
  • 2017year
    Jiaozhou physical examination center and Weifang physical examination center joined Zhongkang international.
  • 2018year
    Dongying, Guangrao and Liaocheng were merged into Zhongkang international
  • 2019year
    In June, China Health International successfully hosted the Boao Forum for Asia, the Sino Japanese Forum on life sciences and healthcare industry development, and officially became a partner.
  • 2009year
    China Health International's first physical examination center officially opened in Qingdao West Coast new area.
  • 2011year
    Won the "11th Five Year" Chinese health management leading brand and "11th Five Year" Chinese health management demonstration base honorary title.
  • 2013year
    Huangdao physical examination center opened grandly. Since 2013, Zhongkang international has obtained 27 software copyrights and 21 trademark copyrights.
  • 2015year
    In March, it was officially listed in the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises; in November, Zhongkang nursing home was opened.
  • 2015year
    In December, it was awarded the honorary title of "2015 Qingdao innovation and development private enterprise"
  • 2016year
    In November, Pingdu physical examination center was launched.
  • 2018year
    In October, it was awarded the demonstration unit of combination of medical care and nursing in Shandong Province; in December, it was awarded the national pilot demonstration enterprise of smart and healthy elderly care application.
  • 2019year
    Rizhao physical examination center, Hebei Bazhou physical examination center, Qingdao South physical examination center and Anhui Huainan physical examination center have been successively developed.
  • 2019year
    In June, Qingdao Sino Japanese life and Health Industrial Park project was successfully signed.