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Physical examination>Notice before inspection

01General notes

What are the general precautions


Before examination

1. Please take physical examination according to the appointed time and place; try to keep light diet and avoid strenuous exercise three days before physical examination; it is better to ensure 7-8h sleep before physical examination to maintain good physical and mental state.
2. They arrived at the center from 7:00 to 10:00 on the day of physical examination. After 22:00 of the day before physical examination, they were not allowed to eat (fasting and water for 8-10 hours). At the same time, they should avoid alcohol, high-fat and high protein diet, and avoid the use of drugs that affect liver and kidney functions.
3. On the day of physical examination, try not to make up, so as not to affect the doctor's judgment of the disease; do not wear complicated clothes to facilitate physical examination; do not wear metal ornaments (before X-ray examination, remove the necklace, bra inlaid with metal wire and other metal articles).
4. The disabled, the elderly and the disabled with physical examination need to be accompanied by their family members to facilitate the physical examination.


Inspection in progress

1. After drawing blood, stop bleeding by pressing for 3-5 minutes under the pinhole. Do not rub it to avoid subcutaneous hematoma or bleeding. If there is a small piece of green blood stasis, there will be slight tenderness, hot compress can be done after 24 hours.
2. After the blood is drawn, a very small number of people's blood samples will show hemolysis. After obtaining your consent, we will draw blood samples again.
3. Even if hypertensive patients require fasting blood draw, they can still take a small amount of antihypertensive drugs with the consent of the doctor, so as to avoid sudden stop or delay of taking the drug and cause sudden blood pressure. Diabetics or other patients can take the medicine in time after blood sampling. In short, there is no need to interfere with conventional treatment due to physical examination.
4. For those who need to undergo ultrasound examination of the lower abdomen (prostate, bladder, uterus, accessories), the bladder should be highly filled (holding urine). Those who need a gynecological examination should empty the bladder (urinate) and perform the examination.
5. For female customers who are pregnant or who have not arrived after their menstrual period, it is recommended not to do X-ray, bone density, anal examination and gynecological examination.
6. During the eye examination, if anyone wears contact lenses, please remove them and keep them properly.
7. Before measuring blood pressure, you should rest for 15 minutes before taking the measurement and keep your mood calm.
8. When conducting examinations of various departments, please cooperate with the doctor to check the items one by one according to the predetermined items. Do not miss the examination, so as not to affect the final health summary; take care of personal belongings during the physical examination.
9. When individuals need to add inspection items, they can go to the front desk to go through additional procedures.


After inspection

1. After the inspection, please send the guide sheet to the front desk on the floor for the establishment of an electronic file. If the result of the physical examination is abnormal, we will promptly contact me or my family or the person in charge of the unit.
2. After receiving the call notification, the individual physical examination will receive the physical examination report from the center, and the group physical examination will be collected by the unit. After the medical examiner gets the report, he can go to the center to make an appointment for expert consultation.
3. No abnormality found in a health check does not mean that there is no underlying disease at all. This center is a health check-up institution. If symptoms of disease occur, such as fever, diarrhea, etc., you should go to the hospital in time.

02Ladies pay special attention

Ladies' special attention

1. If you are pregnant or may be pregnant, please inform the medical staff in advance not to do X-ray examination, bone density examination, intracavitary ultrasound and cervical smear examination.

2. Gynecological examination or intracavitary gynecological B-ultrasound examination is limited to those who are married or have sex.

3. Do not perform urine and cervical smear examinations during menstruation, and perform additional examinations 3-5 days after the menstrual period ends.

03Precautions for health examination

Notes for health examination

1. When taking urine samples for routine urine collection, keep the vulva clean and keep the mid-section urine sample to ensure the accuracy of the test results; women should avoid the menstrual period when taking urine samples.
2. If you do stool specimen inspection, you can save the specimen after you go to the center, or use a clean and dry container to keep the stool specimen within 24 hours beforehand. If there is mucus or blood in the stool, please pay attention to selecting the mucus and blood part in order to provide Give accurate information to the doctor.
3. For TCT cervical cancer screening, please avoid the menstrual period, and do not take medicine, do not wash, or have sex with the vagina 24 hours before the screening.

04Take the specimen attention

Keep specimens for attention

First of all, the medical examiner should not make up on the day of the medical examination, including lipstick, nail polish, mascara, facial makeup, etc. Because these decorations will affect the doctor's judgment on diseases, such as whether there is anemia, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Those who have had facial plastic surgery should take the initiative to explain it to the doctor in order to determine whether there is a genetic disease.
Second, the examinee should clean the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and external auditory canal before the physical examination. Uncleanness can easily lead to missed diagnosis of some diseases, and it is also easy for doctors to feel that the patient does not respect them.

05Urine specimen

Urine specimen

1. The clean container provided by the medical examination center should be used when retaining urine
2. Urine specimens need to be examined within 30 minutes, so the physical examiner should leave urine at the physical examination site to prevent the urine from being too long or using unclean containers to damage certain chemical components or formed components in the urine. Such as glucose decomposition, red blood cell lysis, etc., affect the urine test results.
3. The retained urine should be urine that stays in the bladder for more than 4 hours, so do not drink a lot of water before retaining the urine to avoid diluting the urine and affecting the number of cells.
4. When adult women take urine, they should avoid the menstrual period to prevent vaginal secretions from mixing and affecting the result judgment.
5. After washing the vulva, the medical examiner should take the mid-section urine for examination.

06Stool specimen

Stool specimens

1. Stool specimens need to be sent for inspection within 30 minutes, no urine should be mixed, and the specimen box should be clean and dry.
2. If there is mucus or blood in the stool, attention should be paid to selecting the mucus and blood in order to provide accurate information to the doctor.
3. In the first 3 days of the stool examination, do not eat blood-containing food to prevent inaccurate results.

07Blood specimen

Blood samples

1. Before the venous blood is drawn, in order to more accurately determine the blood lipid composition and the enzymes in the serum, the patient should fast for 12 to 14 hours to avoid the influence of eating on the blood lipid concentration, especially the effect on triglycerides. Drinking a lot of water will dilute the blood and affect the number of cells in the blood; drinking beverages or eating can also change the blood glucose concentration. At the same time, since the determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate and red blood cell is affected by women's menstrual period, it is best to avoid menstrual period for physical examination.
2. When selecting blood samples, patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease can take medicine with a small amount of boiled water before taking blood. Some people worry about the effect of drugs on the results of physical examinations. In fact, these drugs have little effect on blood samples and generally do not affect the judgment of the results.
3. For diabetic patients, due to a long time of fasting, water prohibition, and physical examination, activity and fatigue can cause hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. Therefore, it is best for diabetic patients to be accompanied during the physical examination, and try to keep quiet, reduce activities, and take blood samples as soon as possible. After eating, when taking blood samples, you can explain the situation to the blood sampling staff and make marks to facilitate the analysis of the results.