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Physical examination software>Intelligent guided inspection
Zhongkang Intelligent Guide Inspection System

01Pain points and challenges

System advantage

1. The crowd is concentrated and large; 2. Medical staff are interrupted for inquiries, and work efficiency is low; 3. Crowded lines at the door of the department; 4. The queuing environment is noisy, and the order of the queuing is difficult to manage; 5. Effective management and intervention in the queuing is impossible

02System Introduction

System introduction

Based on the requirements of physical examination process and on-site operation and management requirements, it adopts advanced intelligent queuing algorithm. Starting from customer registration, the system dynamically allocates departments with the shortest waiting time for customers through the algorithm, and intelligently guides customers to conduct department inspections. Standardize the order of medical examination departments, save a lot of labor costs, and improve customer experience.

03Main functions

The main function

04Main function·Queue algorithm

The main function

05Business Process

business processes

After the medical examinee is registered, the intelligent inspection guidance system automatically guides the queuing, and the queuing algorithm dynamically assigns each examinee to the next department with the least queuing time. By reducing the waiting time of customers, the overall time of each person is shortened, so as to maximize the amount of physical examination within limited resources.

06System Architecture

System architecture

07System Features

System features

1. Personalized inspection line: According to the physical examination process and department layout, it can support multiple inspection lines in parallel to guide the inspection; 2. Men and women item distinction: according to the number of male and female physical examinations, the ratio of male and female examination departments can be adjusted; 3. Flexible department settings: The department can be set to stop and start, increase or decrease or adjust the items that can be checked by the department according to needs; 4. Multi-platform support: the system can run TV queues on PC, ipad, mobile phones and other devices to display WeChat query; 5. Support voice broadcast : In addition to supporting multiple equipment queuing information display, the system also supports voice broadcast; 6. Advertising information display: hospital departments, doctor introductions and other activities, packages, product promotion, etc.



Fairness and justice: intelligent guided examination, fairness and fairness, rational diversion and diversion, improve satisfaction; zero cost: unmanned guided examination, reduce the cost of medical examination center; improve efficiency: patients do not need to ask about the queue status during treatment, improve efficiency; strong management and control: multi-dimensional data Analyze, it is convenient to manage and control department visits; improve the environment: standardize the queuing order, improve the working environment of doctors, and improve the image of the hospital; short time: reduce the waiting time of patients and improve the environment for patients to see the doctor.

09 Intellectual Property

intellectual property

10Use scenario

Usage scenarios