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Join conditions
  • A legal or natural person with the ability to perform civil contracts.
  • Have a good reputation and credit, and sufficient funds.
  • Agree with the brand and business philosophy of "Zhongkang Physical Examination", and maintain the good reputation and image of "Zhongkang Physical Examination" during the operation process.
  • Have a good business site and pass the on-site assessment of the headquarters.
  • Have a certain business background and business experience. Have strong interpersonal communication skills and certain financial management skills.
Joining advantages
1Investment Advantages

Zhongkang Health Examination will formulate personalized investment plans for franchisees based on their strength and regional market conditions, and strive to achieve low investment, high return, short investment return period and other excellent investment indicators for franchisees.

2service advantage

After joining China Health Checkup, the headquarters will provide all-round franchise support. From the joining preparation period to the first year of operation, China Health Checkup Headquarters will provide all-weather support for franchisees.

3Training advantages

Zhongkang physical examination will provide franchisees with full-post multi-frequency training, and regularly arrange franchisee staff to go to the headquarters for medium and long-term on-site training, and will also arrange regular on-site training by teachers in each position. Comprehensively improve the operating level of franchisees.

4Operational advantages

In the first year of operation of franchisees, Zhongkang Health Examination can send an operation director to the store for one-year operation management services according to the needs of franchisees to help franchisees get their business on track as quickly as possible. Can be operated independently after receiving the order

5Business model advantage

Zhongkang International has been paying attention to the big health industry for a long time. As a national-level smart health and elderly care demonstration enterprise, its business covers health examination, health management, comprehensive elderly care, specialist medical care, health big data, cell biology, and international high-end medical care And many other health industry fields. It can tailor a physical examination + N health upgrade model for franchisees to enhance their regional competitiveness.

6Equity repurchase advantage

Zhongkang International signs an equity repurchase agreement with franchisees. After the health check center is operating profitably, Zhongkang International can repurchase part of the franchisee’s equity at the agreed price so that the initial investment of the partner can be faster Exit to maximize revenue.

Joining process
  • 1, join consultation

    Please call Zhongkang Physical Examination Headquarters to learn more about the franchise policy Franchise hotline: 400-0532-969 18561927937

  • 2. Field trip

    Invited to go to Zhongkang headquarters and branch physical examination center To understand the strength of China Health and the operation and management mode of the medical examination center, Determine the intention to join.

  • 3, join the contract

    The franchisee decides to join, and it is signed after specific negotiation between the two parties Franchise contract.

  • 4. Market research and site selection

    The professional team of Zhongkang conducts market research on the project site and provides site selection advice.

  • 5. Optimization of construction drawings and decoration

    Based on the relevant requirements of the site's own structure, local fire protection, environmental assessment, and hospital sense, the professional team of Zhongkang will provide personalized functional layout, physical examination lines, radiation inspection equipment configuration, visual VI and other optimization plans.

  • 6. Equipment procurement

    We will recommend the most cost-effective equipment suppliers (including leasing and launching) for you, and you can also choose suppliers independently.

  • 7, information system construction

    Provides a core system with 10 years of mature experience in health examinations: Zhongkang Health Management Cloud Platform series software, build a big data information platform, and realize smart physical examination.

  • 8. Project node management and control

    The professional team of Zhongkang will manage and control all the nodes of the franchise project to ensure the efficient and high-quality implementation of the project.

  • 9, training guidance

    The professional team of Zhongkang will provide all-round and multi-dimensional training for franchisees from technology to operation and management, and establish an assessment mechanism to ensure that the new team is fully qualified for the job.

  • 10. Opening preparations

    The professional team of Zhongkang will help the franchise store to do a good job in image design, and arrange a special person to guide the opening promotion activities.

  • 11. Empowerment of profit model

    Zhongkang headquarters will regularly provide franchise stores with new business models or business sector resources for franchisees to select and operate.