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Zhongkang PACS System

01About PACS system

System introduction

Zhongkang PACS system is based on Zhongkang’s 10-year accumulation of medical imaging information industry. It is oriented to color Doppler ultrasound, radiology and other imaging departments of the medical examination center. It focuses on the needs of managers, doctors and patients, and provides centralized image storage and retrieval, and business process informatization. , Intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, performance management, quality control management and other services to assist doctors in achieving accurate diagnosis, improve doctors’ work efficiency, and improve department management.

02Main functions

System introduction

Workstation: Support high-definition screen reading, historical result comparison, professional template word library, independent report printing; information collection: seamless connection with PEIS/HIS, ​​convenient information search method, support window registration; image storage: DICOM3.0, color Doppler ultrasound Image acquisition and automatic image matching.

03Business Process

The business process

04 Convenient interface

Convenient interface

05 Intellectual Property

intellectual property