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Physical examination>Group inspection advantage
Choose Zhongkang to make employees healthier!

Founded in 2009, Zhongkang International has not only served more than 200,000 health checkups, but also won the trust of more than 100 well-known enterprises and institutions and more than 10 life insurance group inspection companies. Zhongkang group inspection services provide you with five major guarantees. Bonus points for corporate employee health!

Guarantee one

Quality certification, more peace of mind under inspection

"Shandong Provincial Clinical Laboratory Center" (SDCCL) inspection and certification quality assurance!
Quality assurance of quality control, inspection and certification in the room!
Occupational Health Examination Qualification "Lu Wei Vocational Examination Physical Certificate [2012] No.011"
"Eleventh Five-Year" China's leading health management brand, "Eleventh Five-Year" China's health management demonstration base.
Haier, Hisense, Aucma, SAIC-GM-Wuling and other more than 100 corporate health check-designated units.

Guarantee two

Tailor-made in line with economic benefits

  • Planning according to work characteristics

    According to the characteristics of various industries, such as entertainment, length of working hours or work pressure, etc., the most meaningful planning content is tailored.

  • Planning according to the inspected occupational hazards

    All enterprises have different occupational hazard factors, which can be divided into two categories: health examination and occupational health examination.

  • Planning according to gender ratio

    In addition to referring to common diseases of different genders, individual plans are made for physiological differences, so that inspections will not be biased towards single sex due to group inspections.

Guarantee Three

Professional medical care is more stringent

All major specialist doctors and nursing teams will be more rigorous in their work.

Guarantee four

Complete follow-up service to make employees more at ease

  • Professional referral service: Referral services to major domestic hospitals can suggest the most suitable medical institutions for employees.
  • Exception tracking reminder: There are regular abnormal tracking and reminders with professional medical staff to keep track of the physical condition on a regular basis.
  • Set up consultation hotline: If you have any medical questions, you can call 0532-86899999 for professional advice and analysis.
Guarantee Five

Agreement performance guarantee to protect the rights and interests of employees

Before each company is inspected, it must sign an agreement to protect the rights and interests of the company and its employees and ensure that the inspection is completed during the agreement period.